Rochester Nights

Babies, Werewolves, and Vampires, Oh My!

Raj’s mother called as he was standing over the crying baby. When he said it was his, she came over right away. She immediately took him shopping for baby stuff.

Mason woke up in his apartment to coffee and a bagel. Mason asked Abigail to arrange a meeting with her father. Then she headed out to take care of some stuff while Mason ran over to Jon’s place.

Eric went out to Cafe Presto and got online do some research on Rochester Security. He learned that Douglas Malvora had actually started Rochester Security, but been nearly bought out and had very little control over the company. He learned that Rochester Security was actually owned by more Red Court influences. At the same time he learned that Rochester Security was also run by the Warden at the Mental Hospital. He invited Mason to join him and shared what he’d learned. He then returned to Jon’s house to get Amy’s help in reaching and warning the other werewolves about the attacks.

Mason got invited to the TV Studio and met with Douglas. Mason asked if he would be willing to help protect the werewolves from the Red Court. Malvora said he would be willing to if they agreed to work for him from time to time. He also disclosed that the Reds had been upset with the loss of one of their kind in the incident at the Wicked Moose, and were lashing out at the werewolves in retaliation. Mason shared this with Eric, feeling a little confused as to how he had gotten caught up in all this.

After a long day of shopping for baby stuff with his mother, Raj agreed to move back in with his parents and began telling the guys about the baby that had shown up.

Mason then drove out to Winona and met with his friend Thomas a small time practitioner who made deals with the smaller Fae from time to time. He taught Mason a little bit about making circles that could trap some small fairies. Thomas invited him to a get together with some other small practitioners in the area the next week. He then returned to Rochester to have dinner with Abigail.

Eric and John went with Amy to seek out another pack member. As they neared his apartment building Eric spotted a black, Rochester Security SUV following them. He told John to grab the wheel and keep driving past the building, and braced to jump at the other SUV as it pulled up alongside. Unfortunately in switching seats John lost control and ended up driving up onto the lawn in front of the apartment building. The SUV kept pace, and Eric leapt across and distracted the vamp and security guard enough that they drove into a nearby tree. They got out and the mundane guard pulled out a MAC-10 and fired at John and Amy in the other car while the vampire took on Eric. After the guard clipped John, machine gun fire from the building’s windows cut him down. Eric took down the vamp and tore the vampires head from its body. He, John and Amy fled the scene and called Raj and Mason for a pickup at a nearby church.

While waiting for their ride, Eric turned back into a cougar and snuck back into the apartment building as the gang members that lived in the apartment building torched the vampire on the lawn and strung up the security guard. He found Damian, the werewolf they’d been seeking, convinced him to come with Eric and they snuck back to John and Amy. Raj and Mason picked up the 5 stragglers and got them to safety.

Later that evening Mason received a call from the News station asking him to take a camera to the scene of the apartment building to help cover the news. The gangs were securing blocks around the neighborhood, forming road blocks and keeping the police and Rochester Security forces away.

Faeries, Werewolves and Car Chases
Mason learns more about Bygosh's work, werewolves are being hunted, and the Red Court lashes out

Mason returned to the Mayo Foundation House where Bygosh took him told him about Aerie, the South Wind, and the havoc she had caused before Daniel Mayo had trapped her in the cellar of what eventually became the Mayo Foundation House. Bygosh said they needed help keeping her entrapped and asked Mason if he would be willing to offer his skills with air to help strengthen their wards. Mason agreed to try and Bygosh showed him around the enormous chamber below the Mayo Foundation House.

Raj wakes up alone in his bed and his apartment is a mess. He finds his phone dead and starts picking up. When his phone is charged he has messages from the guys, his boss asking where he is, and Elise. He soon learns the night of wild ecstasy with Aurora had not been one night, but somehow a whole week.

Eric had been doing some reading and discovered that several disappearances and deaths had been occurring on the southeast side of town. He went to the woods in the southeast where he had last seen the werewolves, and waited for them. He spotted some eyes in the woods, but also noticed a lot of SUV’s driving around the area. When he met up with the wolf, he found out it was Amy, she told him that several members of her pack had been disappearing. He absconded with a car and drove her to a cheap hotel in Byron, and began doing some research.

Eric got a call from Raj mentioning that he’d lost a week of time. Eric offerred to make a doctor’s notice that Raj had been infected with West Nile and had been recovering from it to explain his absence to work. Mason, learned about what was happening with the werewolves asked Abigail to talk to her father to talk to him about the werewolves.

They met all met up at Jon’s place the next evening. Eric and Raj decided to tag along with Mason when he had to go out driving for work. While they drove around Eric pulled out Amy’s cell phone. They watched Rochester Security SUV’s cruising all around. Then when they stopped at a stoplight one of the Rochester Security guys in the SUV next to them spotted Eric. They turned the van into Mason’s weather van and pulled guns. Mason tore rubber and two more SUV’s gave chase while starting a video uplink to the studio. He managed to knock two of them into obstacles in the road, and the third chased them the wrong way down the Hwy 52 2nd street off ramp. Even in the sparse traffic Mason dodged cars until the SUV front ended a semi, ending the chase. Eric and Raj wiped their prints from the van and ran off at 19th street and hid until they were certain the police weren’t looking for them.

Mason was taken downtown for questioning until Abigail came and picked him up. Eric returned to Jon’s for the night, and Raj returned home. Shortly after he returned home Raj heard a knock on the door and found a baby on his door step with a note.

Please take care of our dear child until I can return for her. -A

Mason's Oath
Fae clash over Rochester, and Mason chooses a side

Raj fought John, the Green Giant, and took him down with a quick series of jabs in the second round. The crowd fell into silence and then darkness began enveloping the main entrance to the arena. Then hobs leapt down through the crowd. The crowd went nuts and Eric picked a lock that someone had put on the cage and freed Raj. Raj grabbed the Green Giant and threw him over one shoulder. Then some elves behind the hobs began shooting at him.

Mason grabbed Abigail and started leading her Elise and Raj out of the stadium with Jon taking up the rear. Raj took the lead when he realized the locker rooms were closer. They raced to them and Jon turned around to hold the door against the hobs. Raj lead everyone into the locker room, and grabbed his phone when he realized it was ringing. Mason passed him, leading them out into the alley. As Raj followed him out he felt the Green Giant being plucked off his shoulder, and found him being held by Bygosh. He offered to help the four of them escape, and opened a portal to the Nevernever.

He led them safely through the Nevernever to the Mayo Foundation house. He excused himself and took the Green Giant through a door near the kitchen. When he returned, he gave the four of them a tour and communicated with Raj and Mason telepathically. He asked if they knew what had happened and commented on Mason’s talent, inviting him to return later. When the tour was over, he saw them out.

In the chaos caused by the hobs, Eric shifted and snuck out. On his way he noticed the elves and hobs were being lead by a troll and a beautiful young woman. He grabbed a car and drove around back where he spotted Jon stumbling out with hobs on his tail. At Jon’s suggestion he drove to Assissi Heights to do research on the creatures. He called Raj and Mason to find out what happened to them.

When Raj and Mason finally called Eric back they met up, and returned to the arena. Raj and Mason went to collect their cars and were questioned by the police, about the “terrorist attack”. Eric snuck into the Arena’s office and stole the winner’s belt and the $10k winner’s check.

Raj returns home and begins to unwind when there’s a knock on the door. It’s a beautiful woman claiming to be a friend of John, the Green Giant’s family. He invites her in, trying to answer some of her questions, but he finds her very alluring. Struggling with her questions he kisses her and invites the Summery Lady to bed.

Nuns and Fist Fights from Jon's Journal
I met a nun, and then went to this fight.

From Jon’s journal:
I stayed up a little reading the guy’s journal and found the pronunciation of the demon’s name, demon. So this morning, I biked through the rain to Raj’s with a couple cups of coffee to make sure he was okay. Apparently the vamp chick that roofied him hadn’t killed him.

Then I went to Dave, the GM’s, place. His mother hadn’t seen him since the game on Thursday. I assured her that he was okay after the lights went out at Denny’s and that I would keep an eye out for him.

I went to the library next and found Eric, Mason and Raj looking in the arcane book selection for something about the weird weather. I talked to Mason while I looked for a book about Demonology on the shelf. Turned out this old nun was reading it at a nearby table. She invited me to sit next to her to find what I was looking for.

She said her name was Mother Mary and told I eventually admitted to her that I was looking for a way to draw a circle to contain a demon. Then she left. Mason finished his research and decided the weather was either the results of the Fae fighting, or the effects of a really powerful wind spirit. We decided we needed to try and get ahold of Bygosh. Mason had to jet, and Eric was off reading Sandman comics, so I got Raj combing through English lit books and fairy tales looking for a reference to Bygosh. He did manage to find a limerick and a tale that mentioned Bygosh as a bit of a ladie’s man. So we checked out the demonology book, the limerick book, and the fairy tale book. And then as we started to walk out I suggested that maybe Mother Mary may be able to help, and she stepped out of nowhere.

She offered to let us use the library at Assisi Heights to see if we could find clues on where to find Bygosh. When got there, we found out she was the Mother Superior, and met her kinda snooty assistant, Sister Christian. Raj and I searched for a few hours, but found nothing useful.

We headed out to Denny’s to meet up with Eric, Mason and the girls. We all had a nice meal, and I found out that Mason was taking some heat from Abigail’s father for what went down at the Wicked Moose. When we finished, we went to the AMA fights where Eric had gotten us tickets in the 2nd row. It wasn’t until we sat down that we found out Eric had gotten us tickets in exchange for getting Raj to fight. When I asked Raj what his ring name was he said he was “Curry Thunder”. What a silly name.

So his first fight was against “Big Nose?”, some idiot who couldn’t last 2 rounds, losing me a 5 spot. Then his next fight was against the “Axeman” or something like that. He gave Raj a good few blows before he went down. Made me my money back at least.

The Demon and the Mountain Lion from Jon's Journal
First a demon, then some B&E, then a freaking mountain lion

From Jon’s journal:
So, I was at Denny’s, joining Dave’s game of Arcanus and I still hadn’t figured out which player was using magic. Then Eric showed up taking a booth in the corner and recognized me… despite the cloak… and the matching face paint. Really, it’s not like I would wear a purple cloak with yellow stars and matching face paint if I wan’t undercover. Anyway, I hexed his laptop, but not his phone.
Then he called Raj and Mason. Just as he was calling me out, I hexes the lights too. Then some vamps showed up to intimidate Eric.  I didn’t hear what they said, but they made a hasty retreat.

And then my lead bore fruit. A big guy walks in telling one of the players at my table that he shouldn’t summon a demon and walk away. And he splattered the guy’s brains everywhere. Eeeeewwwww!!!!

It became a blur. Raj whipped out a taser and I blasted the demon clear across the restaurant. And it got back up! It took some fists and blows with knives before we finally took it down. Then I searched the headless body’s pockets and found a spell and his address. I took the spell and raced out.

I cleaned up and headed to the mental hospital and bugged Raj until Eric showed up.

Eric and I shared notes and went to the dead guy’s dorm room. There we found his phone and a couple of spellbooks, which I lifted.

Then we ran over to the Wicked Moose. Apparently Eric had gotten spotted tapping their network and wanted to erase any digital evidence. So we approached from the woods behind until he got a wifi signal. While he was hacking I saw Raj and Mason arrive with a Abigail and Elise.

Eric finished that but was still concerned that there were paper copies of the pics inside, and convinced me to help him find them. He quickly printed a fake ID for me in his trunk, John Apple. Then we paid the cover and slipped inside. I bought a drink and we wandered around to the back. We slunk down some halls and he snuck into a room and came out a minute later. We snuck further down the hall where he claimed there were more copies he slipped inside and I kept lookout.

Then I heard a couple guys approaching so I knocked on the door to warn Eric and when they got closer, spilled my drink on myself. I stumbled forward pretending to be drunk, unfortunately they didn’t seem to buy it. They started pushing me around, but I used my Spirit Shield to deflect the tasers and their fists. I hexed the lights (which I may have overdone, given the power in the whole building went out) and raced for the exit.

When I ran out onto the dance floor, I tried to slip into the crowd until I saw Raj and Mason coming to assist me. I turned around and helped fight the guards. As the last one was falling a freaking mountain lion came flying down, piling driving the guard.

When we got outside, I met Elise and Abigail and then took a cab to my neighborhood.

The Parents
Mason and Abigail sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...

The weather was calm through the session.

Mason woke up in Abigail’s bed. Her family’s maid Wanita entered, left a tray with breakfast, which Mason gladly devoured. Then Mason took a shower. When he returned Abigail was waking up. He sat with her while she ate her breakfast and she asked him to join her in cruising around town.

Eric had been following up leads on the guy with the glasses and discovered his name was Ted Gryph, and that he’d gotten the glasses around the time Eric had started seeing the visions. He also found some security footage in his favorite coffee shop’s archives with the manager’s amorous after hour activities.

Raj returned home from his 3rd shift day at the mental hospital and got a phone call from his mother asking if he was in trouble at work. Apparently she’d gotten a phone call from the City that sounded like the background interviews when he originally got his job at the mental hospital. He assured her it was a routine thing. He then got a call from work telling him to report at 2:30pm for 2nd shift.

Mason and Abigail headed out of the bedroom, went down the stairs and entered the dining room where he met her mother, Judy. He was very polite as Abigail dragged him out to her Jaguar. They spent a nice day at the park.

Eric went to Ted’s apartment where he met Ted’s elderly old neighbor. She fed him cookies as she talked about some of the weird people she’d seen going in and out of Ted’s, some creepy guys in dark cloaks, and a goofy kid in a purple cloak with yellow stars. He drove her to Flamingo Bingo to get her out of the apartment, and then returned to break into Ted’s apartment. Inside he found little of interest except a scrap of paper with the message: Cowl 8:30 Tuesday He also found Ted’s phone message pad, where he rubbed the paper and found 3 addresses with dates and times on them. He drove the lady home from Bingo and headed out.
Raj went to work and met with his supervisor. His supervisor told him the background checks were being re-run because his name had shown up in 2 police reports and it trigged a re-check. While Raj wasn’t in trouble he’d be stuck on 2nd shift desk duty for a couple weeks while the background check was completed.

When Mason returned to his apartment after his day out with Abagail, he found someone sitting in his chair with the lights out. He soon learned his mysterious visitor was none other than Douglas Malvora, Abigail’s father. Douglas told Mason he wanted him to stop seeing Abigail because he didn’t want her with riff-raff. As a parting gift Douglas’ goon punched Mason, knocking him out on their way out.

Eric looked up the 3 addresses and found them to be the locations of 3 killings. When he looked into the killings he learned about the victims:

  1. A guard at the Mental Hospital
  2. A guy who’d been betting big at some of the underground fights, he owed a lot of money
  3. A blogger who’d been reporting about girls being roofied at Wicked Moose

Mason awoke to a knock on his door. He let in Judy, who asked him to be honest in his dealings with Abigail. She also said not to let her husband discourage him, because he didn’t hold all the power.

Eric decided to check out the blogger’s theory. He went to the Wicked Moose in the evening, climbed on the roof and tapped their security feeds. As he watched he saw some girls under the influence as the blogger described, but recognized them as the effects of White Court Vampires. He was spotted by security and tried to flee. One of the guards tassed him as he tried to flee, and he went over the edge and landed in a dumpster. As he climbed out limping he was surrounded by a pack of werewolves. They led him to a nearby park where the alpha reverted to human form and warned him to stay out of their territory.

Eric, Mason and Raj all decided to unwind after a long day and ended up at the Loop’s bar. They shared some of their issues and Eric looked up Douglas Malvora. He found some of his business connections and that his brother Thomas was on the board at the mental hospital.

The next morning Mason went to KTTC to discuss his storm chaser team’s coverage agreement. As Executive Producer of KTTC, Douglas was there.  Mason agreed to a workable but less than desirable agreement.

The next morning, Eric received a visit from the girl in the alley. She’d been one of the werewolves the evening before. She thanked him for spooking Ted. She told Erik that Ted had been part of her pack, but had left them to try and ingratiate himself with the vamps. She told him that Ted had been in a group with some LARPers at Denny’s.

Over A Dead Girl
Raj gets mixed up in a dispute between two Fae

There was a constant downpour throughout the session.

Raj was visited by John a friend of his from his street fighting. John told him he was kicked out by his girlfriend when she caught him in her bed with another girl, and asked if he could crash on the couch.

The next morning Raj returned from work to a note from John saying he was getting groceries. Then there was a loud knock on the door,and Raj found himself face to face with Bygosh. Bygosh asked where John was, Raj grabbed the note written by John and shoed it to Bygosh. A weird look crossed Bygosh’s face before he starts attacking Raj and blaming him for killing Bygosh’s daughter.

Raj escaped the apartment, swings by the firing range to get some ammo. While there he looked a mirror to see John’s face reflected back at him. Freaked out, he called Mason and Eric who agreed to meet him at Caribou Coffee.

Raj and Mason met up and ordered coffee while Eric was showing up. While they talked Raj realized he was carrying a pen that wasn’t his. Stopped at the light outside the plaza Eric saw a big figure (Bygosh) race across the street and go barreling through the Caribou Coffee’s front door. Raj and Mason raced out the back and leapt into Eric’s car when he pulled around. The car took a beating from Bygosh as they got away.
Mason heads to his place to prepare a counter spell to counter the veil that makes Raj appear to be John. Eric offers to help Raj try and find John near the girlfriend’s place.

When they got near the girlfriend’s place they spotted him. Eric jumped out of the car, shifted and gave chase. Eric caught up, and tussled with John. He soon learned John was a heavy hitter and made his escape.

Raj and Eric then returned to Mason’s apartment where he’d been preparing a counterspell for the veil. As they completed the spell, Bygosh smashed through Mason’s ceiling. He was confused for a moment by the weak threshold and the loss of John’s scent. Raj was able to convince Bygosh of the confused identity and offered to take him to John’s girlfriend’s place. They piled in Mason’s truck and headed out.

They got to the house and saw John and the girlfriend arguing inside. Eric drew John out. John and Bygosh fought in the front yard. Th girlfriend came out yelling and admitted she’d killed Bygosh’s daughter. Bygosh launched Mason’s car at her, killing her and knocked John out. As he dragged John away he thanked Raj, saying he wouldn’t forget his helping avenge his daughter.

Glasses of Grief

There were really high winds blowing throughout the episode.

For a couple weeks Eric has been getting visions of himself stealing a jacket, beating a girl and feeling grief and regret for committing the acts. 

Raj, Mason and Eric were all enjoying Thursdays on First when Eric experienced flashes of himself beating up a girl in an alley.  Recognizing the location, he raced to the alley to find the girl lying on the ground bleeding.  He spotted a guy in a jacket racing away as he called 911.  A cop showed up and started to arrest Eric.  He ran off into the crowd chasing the guy in the jacket while he called Raj and Mason.

Raj and Mason interceptted the guy, and prevented him from throwing himself into traffic. They were all taken into custody.  As they were being interrogated Eric went crazy as he got slammed with visions of himself killing another cop and then killing himself.  Raj and Mason slipped out of the station and raced to the hospital where they found the guy's body being put on a gurney.  Mason grabbed the guy's glasses and destroyed them to free Eric from the spell.


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