Rochester Nights

Babies, Werewolves, and Vampires, Oh My!

Raj’s mother called as he was standing over the crying baby. When he said it was his, she came over right away. She immediately took him shopping for baby stuff.

Mason woke up in his apartment to coffee and a bagel. Mason asked Abigail to arrange a meeting with her father. Then she headed out to take care of some stuff while Mason ran over to Jon’s place.

Eric went out to Cafe Presto and got online do some research on Rochester Security. He learned that Douglas Malvora had actually started Rochester Security, but been nearly bought out and had very little control over the company. He learned that Rochester Security was actually owned by more Red Court influences. At the same time he learned that Rochester Security was also run by the Warden at the Mental Hospital. He invited Mason to join him and shared what he’d learned. He then returned to Jon’s house to get Amy’s help in reaching and warning the other werewolves about the attacks.

Mason got invited to the TV Studio and met with Douglas. Mason asked if he would be willing to help protect the werewolves from the Red Court. Malvora said he would be willing to if they agreed to work for him from time to time. He also disclosed that the Reds had been upset with the loss of one of their kind in the incident at the Wicked Moose, and were lashing out at the werewolves in retaliation. Mason shared this with Eric, feeling a little confused as to how he had gotten caught up in all this.

After a long day of shopping for baby stuff with his mother, Raj agreed to move back in with his parents and began telling the guys about the baby that had shown up.

Mason then drove out to Winona and met with his friend Thomas a small time practitioner who made deals with the smaller Fae from time to time. He taught Mason a little bit about making circles that could trap some small fairies. Thomas invited him to a get together with some other small practitioners in the area the next week. He then returned to Rochester to have dinner with Abigail.

Eric and John went with Amy to seek out another pack member. As they neared his apartment building Eric spotted a black, Rochester Security SUV following them. He told John to grab the wheel and keep driving past the building, and braced to jump at the other SUV as it pulled up alongside. Unfortunately in switching seats John lost control and ended up driving up onto the lawn in front of the apartment building. The SUV kept pace, and Eric leapt across and distracted the vamp and security guard enough that they drove into a nearby tree. They got out and the mundane guard pulled out a MAC-10 and fired at John and Amy in the other car while the vampire took on Eric. After the guard clipped John, machine gun fire from the building’s windows cut him down. Eric took down the vamp and tore the vampires head from its body. He, John and Amy fled the scene and called Raj and Mason for a pickup at a nearby church.

While waiting for their ride, Eric turned back into a cougar and snuck back into the apartment building as the gang members that lived in the apartment building torched the vampire on the lawn and strung up the security guard. He found Damian, the werewolf they’d been seeking, convinced him to come with Eric and they snuck back to John and Amy. Raj and Mason picked up the 5 stragglers and got them to safety.

Later that evening Mason received a call from the News station asking him to take a camera to the scene of the apartment building to help cover the news. The gangs were securing blocks around the neighborhood, forming road blocks and keeping the police and Rochester Security forces away.


Tikanni Tikanni

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